Northumberland Pupil Referral Unit is a Local Authority Maintained Pupil Referral Unit, consisting of one site. Our Seghill premises is a KS3 and KS4 provision catering for learners from Yr7 – Y10, following a recent expansion in September 2023 to cater for KS4 pupils in Y10.

Northumberland PRU currently has 70 places commissioned by Northumberland County Council.


These places are for permanently excluded learners or learners on the verge of exclusion.


Any pupil referred should be presenting continuing, concerning, challenging behaviour and they will have received substantial interventive actions from within their mainstream schools, involving and following advice from external agencies.



  • To provide a clear transparent admissions process that is understood by service users (learners) and service providers (staff).
  • Provide information so that schools whose learners require additional support are clear about the availability and the nature of the support.
  • To ensure that the base and purchased funding supports the level of learner placement/intervention.
  • To enable formulated consideration to be given to each learner’s age and their likely reception to positive intervention strategies



  • Service users understand the nature of the PRUs business and understand the criteria for placement.
  • That there is a clear criterion for deciding which learners should have priority for the limited placements.


Please contact Northumberland County Council Education Department directly to discuss our admission criteria.