Nurture Pathway

Nurture Pathway


The Nurture Pathway is tailored to the needs of students whose main barrier to learning is an aspect of Social, Emotional, Mental Health barriers to learning. Many students within this pathway have additional complexities. Students within this pathway will have additional barriers to learning, such as speech and language needs, communication and interaction needs, autistic spectrum continuum, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and sensory needs.


Students following our Nurture Pathway learn best when learning is centred within trauma informed practices and enables emotional regulation.


All students attending our Nurture pathway have access to core curriculum subjects and are supported in working towards achieving relevant qualifications. A primary model is followed through a ‘Topic’ based curriculum design.


The structure of our Nurture classes provides a high staff to student ratio to ensure targeted and nurturing support is offered to all students. Our Nurture provision accepts students through an internal referral process following student induction.


Northumberland PRU - Nurture Group Basic Principles


  1. Students’ learning is understood developmentally

  2. The classroom offers a safe space

  3. Nurture is important for the development of self-esteem

  4. Language is understood as a vital means of communication

  5. All behaviour is communication

  6. The importance of transitions in students’ lives