Power of Search

Searching Pupils suspected of having Prohibited Items
All Northumberland PRU students are scanned (Wand scanner) upon arrival to the site each school day.
This is used as a safeguarding mechanism.
Students are requested to place all mobile phones and drinks in a sealed envelope which is stored securely on site and returned to students at the end of each school day on exit from the site.
If it is suspected that a pupil has brought a serious ‘prohibited item’ into school the pupil will be asked to hand such item over to a senior member of staff, in the presence of an additional member of staff as a witness.
If a pupil refuses to hand items over the pupil will be asked for permission to search their bags and outdoor clothing. Should the pupil refuse then the Headteacher reserves the right to search bags and outdoor clothing without consent. This task may be delegated to another member of staff by the Headteacher and will always take place in the presence of an additional member of staff who will act as a witness.
If staff have good reason to believe that a pupil may be carrying prohibited items about their person, and the pupil refuses to co-operate with staff by handing items over, then the school reserves the right to use reasonable force whilst a search takes place. However, if it is suspected that the pupil is carrying illegal items, a weapon or any other dangerous item, likely to cause harm to staff or the pupil during a restraint, then the search will be conducted by the police to reduce risk of harm.
Prohibited items which can be searched for are:
1) Knives or weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs and stolen items; and
2) Tobacco and cigarette papers, vapes, fireworks and pornographic images,
3) Mobile devices, hand-held technology, Smart Watches,
4) Any article that the member of staff reasonably suspects has been, or is likely to be, used to commit an offence, or to cause personal injury to, or damage to property.
This is clearly shared with parents’ carers during induction.