Expectations of Dress

A high standard of personal appearance is expected by all pupils attending Northumberland Pupil Referral Unit.


School uniform

Northumberland PRU supplies every student free of charge with the Northumberland PRU polo shirt and sweatshirt.  These items must always be worn daily.


The uniform for all students is as follows:


  • Northumberland PRU polo shirt (black) -issued
  • Northumberland PRU sweater/hoodie (black) -issued
  • Black trousers or skirt - from your chosen supplier
  • Black shoes/trainers - from your chosen supplier)
  • Black tights (to be worn with skirts)
  • PE/Design Technology kit (when applicable)
  • School bag (to hold an A4 folder and school books. Pupils require the following stationery: black or blue pen, red pen, pencil, ruler, pencil sharpener, rubber.


Skirts should be made out of the same material as school trousers, the length must be either on or below the knee.  To be worn with black tights.


Please note that chain stores may sell items as school uniform, which are not acceptable at Northumberland PRU.  If you have any doubts whether an item fits the policy, please check with school.

Head Coverings (hijabs)

These must be plain black, grey or navy


Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school.  Students are asked to respect this.


As part of our Personal Development programme, we ask students to consider their appearance and the impression it makes on others.  This is particularly important when representing Northumberland PRU.


At Northumberland PRU we are always conscious of health and safety risks both to the owner and others, consequently, the only jewellery allowed is a wristwatch and a single pair of stud earrings.  In addition, facial or bodily piercings, are not allowed.



NB: Specific items of uniform are provided to all students free of charge - Polo Shirt/Hoodie.



If pupils, parents or carers have any doubts or questions, please check with PRU staff.