Mental Health & Well-being

At Northumberland PRU we place the highest importance upon the mental well-being of our students. Young people in our modern society face many stresses and strains that effect their mental health, especially at school. We recognise this and have made fostering an environment where pupils can share any problems they might be having openly as well as obtain the best help and advice about what to do.


Key to our approach is ensuring that young people have agency, whilst empowering the community around them to have the health literacy and tools to respond. We want to ensure students have access to timely, youth-friendly support and resources. We’re focused on prevention, ensuring that more young people learn how to build their own well-being toolkit.


As part of this, you will find on this page some useful advice for dealing with any mental health problems you may have, how to identify them as well as the best places to seek advice should you need it. Remember, you are never alone, our staff are always here to help you.